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Being a business owner can be a solitary endeavor. Sooner or later most small business owners find themselves doing work that takes them away from their passion. This is where I step in as a highly trained and skilled Virtual Assistant. I work in partnership with you by providing masterfully skilled office and personal support in an off-site capacity. I will help you create more time and privacy in a multitude of ways — by filtering both voice and e-mail messages, handling requests for your time and much more. I have an enormous variety of resources available to me to assist the clients I support. I’ve developed procedures that allow me to move proficiently to achieve desired results. “What is an hour of your time worth?” Got a great business but need help with the day-to-day operations? I have been working virtually with small businesses and individuals since 1997. Contact me today for more information!


Address: PO Box 1810

Phone: 352-535-0685
Fax Number: 352-458-5019